Monday, October 16, 2017

What is love?

What is love?
But all that I feel
For daughter, for friend, for mother, 
For brother, for father and HIM

Love should not hide
Behind veils of vulnerability
Or cower in front of eyes
That see too much
Love should burn us down
Blazing, Scorching, Searing
Till nothing is left but,
The burnt wick of our souls

What am I,
If not Love!
What are you?

I seek...

I seek true souls, not lovers
I seek love, not romance
I seek acceptance, not glorification
I seek simplicity, not pretenses 
I seek peace, not riches
I seek YOU, in every moment of clarity

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Burnt remnants of love,
Tossed into a tumultuous mass of green and blue.
Scattered Ashes,
On breaking waves of a deceitful sea.
These tempestuous waves
Fills me with despair and misplaced loathing,
For it has swallowed whole,
All that was left of him, all that was mine to hold...
Lost among its currents,
Or fathoms below on the ocean bed
Lies all that I love and pine for.
Somewhere amongst that inexplicable vastness
Roams my love,
Reduced to nothing but,

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Somedays are so hard...

Somedays are so hard...

Some days I wonder
If the agony is temporary.
It just has to be a nightmare,
One I forgot to wake up after.
Somedays I ponder
On the unfairness of it all
And my insides shatter into
A thousand figments of longing...

Somedays are so hard...

I have, no tomb to visit
Or lay flowers on.
No Worn-out jackets to hold
The memory of his embrace.
I have dried cologne bottles;
Love's scent lost,
And clothes cold to the touch
Like the insides of my soul...

Somedays are so hard...

That I can't believe
I have breathed so far...
And then I realise I am still here 
And I loathe myself for it all...
For being...
When he is not
For breathing...
When he is not...

Somedays are so hard...

Monday, October 9, 2017

I Remember

I remember, 
The kiss;
I kissed loneliness 
And solitude embraced me,
I shook her off 
And gained the former's loyalty.
I remember,
The urge;
I sought to undress the rawness, 
In you, In me.
But instead, I saw the pretenses 
That contort the faces inside.
I remember, 
The smile; 
I lay with false hopes 
And flighty dreams.
Come morn, 
Joy smirked at my face. 
I remember
The delusion;
I pinned a false smile 
On a drained soul
Until the smile believed
In its own existence
I remember
My face
Painted with emotions 
Strange and disembodied
I often fail to read,
The curves that stretch my lips
I remember ..I remember
The masks, 
As vile as our worst weakness
The walls 
That fall on us every time darkness falls
And I remember,
The kiss of loneliness
It sweeps me off my feet every night
I remember...

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Restless......death of a friends parent...revisited helplessness...the hug that never reaches that is not of the same blood...the unfulfilled need to return in kind the love that was given freely....restless minds...oh death..why are you never kind..or are you hurting pitiful deeply miserable would you be? impending war..the loss of lives..the rise of darkness...the bloody clash of honour against honour...Restless... Night, slow in dying...Life, barely living...Joy, slow in coming...Death, swift and stealthy....Restless...waiting...waiting...waiting

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Like a Funeral

I am often lost among the living 
And death is all I seek
But Love is no servile slave
Nor is Life
One burns stronger with death
Another never loses a fight

What is love?

What is love? But all that I feel For daughter, for friend, for mother,  For brother, for father and HIM Love should not hide ...