Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Bonfire

Round and Round,
The Bonfire.
Yielder of warmth,
Painter of dark skies.
Light and Hope,
Of despondent nights.
Round and Round,
The Bonfire.

Round and Round,
The Bonfire.
Circle of Life
For the desolate
Living in Death
Death when living
Round and Round,
The Bonfire.

Round and Round,
The Bonfire.
No one but me
Endless Cycles
Everyone but me
Endless Cycles
Round and Round,
The Bonfire.

No Warmth
Nor Strength
No Victory
Nor Defeat
No Love
Nor Hate
No Heart
Nor Soul
No Light
Nor Darkness

Round and Round,
The Bonfire.

No one, but me....

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Some farewells are loud and clear..they shock the living daylights out of you..you are left alone and helpless, struggling to handle the meaning of the farewell...some creep up on you like the sneaky dark hands of fate , you take time to realize that it is the tears of separation that is ebbing around your feet and not the warm waves of a long lost bond.... and some are so soundless, so silent and invisible that you are left wondering if it was a farewell at all and you fail to explain why or define what you turned your back on..like the shadow that left you in a moment of darkness...At the end of the day...A farewell of a lover, a companion, the old you, the new you, the "you" you could have been, bonds, friendships, dreams, relationships, sometimes your very own soul, .....it all brings pain, explicit, implicit...it does..but it also gives you a chance to dwell on the best of which you have bid farewell to...it helps you grow, change, blossom, discover....it helps you become who you are today, and today defines tomorrow....so don't hesitate...bid adieu...hold on to the memories and live...there is more to come...more good byes..lets face it with a smile for we can never fight the might of time nor the unreliability of life..

Friday, December 22, 2017

One Stop Closer

My ways are different
Yet similar to yours.
My paths are rough
Rampant with obstacles
I shall not be deterred
Or turn backward,
For to walk it all,
No matter the fall,
That is sure to hurt,
Is my only comfort.
For one step further,
In this life,
With sorrow rife,
Is one step closer,
To you...


I often sit at the corners
Of Life and gaze at lovers
Leaning on each other
On fathers doting on daughters
On happiness passing me over
I often find myself suffused
In desire, by loneliness warped
Teetering at the edge of wantonness
All, while praying for deadening numbness
I often..lose myself
Amidst all this
I often..dont know
Where I am
Why I am

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My gifts for today

On my birthday, I cant hep but think about you...about the love you showered me with, about your warm hug and soul snatching kiss..I miss linking my arms in yours, I miss catching your eye across a crowd, I miss falling in love over and over, I miss speaking without words, I miss the dimpled smile,  I miss you so much everyday, even n the days I think I don't....

A dozen dried roses,
In a decrepit old carton,
Preserved in a desolate corner.
A crimpled cream card;
Crammed characters in black print,
Tucked away in a hackneyed purse.
A jacket, moth-eaten and timeworn.
A letter, memorised but unwritten.
Words unspoken and orphaned.
The recollection of a hasty hug, faint,
Yet, relived once too often.
My gifts for today...
My gifts for today...

Friday, October 27, 2017


Remember my Child,
As death cracks a smile,
All the love gathered,
Is rendered futile.
And at your side
Will be one;
Who you greeted
With tears and dread
Who you fought
With all your might
She who is wise
And shunned often
She who thrives
In your powerlessness
She who is called 
Remember, my sweet child
Hear my plea
Treat her kind
Hold her hand
Love her freely
For she will be, 
Your sole ally
As death cracks a smile

The Bonfire

Round and Round, The Bonfire. Yielder of warmth, Painter of dark skies. Light and Hope, Of despondent nights. Round and Round, The...